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​My Name is Carrie Quinn. I have worked in the Beauty Industry since 2005 as a Nail Technician. I went back to school in the spring of 2016 to expand the services I'm offering! I'm now able to provide luxurious Facials including Peels and ALL over body waxing for women. I am currently working downtown at Azura Studio. You can use the link above to "book now" or call/text me directly to schedule an appointment. At this time my Nail Clientele is full to allow for new services. Please feel free to contact me if you would like a referral. I'm currently offering 20% off your first waxing service or $10 off your first skin care treatment!

Feature Title


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.Carrie Quinn

Licensed Aesthetician

Nail Technician

​Skin Care, Waxing, Nails