Facials ​60 min$85, 75 min $100, 90 min $120

Express corrective facials $65 

Peels $75 
Post Care Product Pack must be purchased for this service $75

Peel Package $200

This is a great way to maximize your peel results. Includes one pre-peel facial, one peel and your post care product pack!

*I am currently using Rhonda Allison's pure, natural, results driven skin care products exclusively. Rhonda Allison products are free from dyes, artificial coloring or fragrances. All aromas and preservatives are from FDA safe, plant derived essential oils. Additionally Rhonda Allison products are not tested on animals! Due to the nature of some products, all facials are customized individually. Therefore, all customers  are required to have a consultation prior to service*

​​​Bend Beauty Bar

Featured Facials

Minus 10!
​This is a featured facial that is all about infusing the skin with actives that will stimulate, repair and rejuvenate skin. Actives that will firm and tone -communicate to cells to produce more collagen and give skin a luminous glow. * This is a corrective facial which blends active enzymes with low grade acids in addition to a relaxing massage!

​1hr 30min- $120 or $300 for series of 3

Naturally Soothing Facial

​The enzymatic action of pineapple soothes and softens skin while increasing circulation. Specialty extracts and therapeutic masks add to the soothing and calming benefits for sensitive , roseacea prone skin. This facial aids in reducing inflammation, providing antibacterial support, stimulating surface cell turnover for healthier skin tissue and strengthening capillaries.

​1hr- $85